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about n.m.p.

The next mushroom promotion (nmp) was foundedin 2001 by Tomoko Fukui (composer), in cooperation with Motoharu Kawashima(composer) and Nozomi Ueda (clarinetist), aiming to promote contemporary musicconcerts in the Kansai area (Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo) where there are few activeensembles specializing in contemporary music. The nmp consists of musicians andcomposers either born in or residents of, mainly, the Kansaiarea.

Besides concerts featuring pieces by a variety of composers, thenmp has promoted concerts focusing on specific composers (see major activities) For the concerts vol.2and 3, Aki Takahashi (pianist) was invited for performances. For the concertsvol. 5, 7 and 8, the featured composers were invited for lectures and/orself-performances, and those concerts were well received.
Vol. 8, ToshioHosokawa: Fifty Years of The Landscape, in particular was awarded the SuntoryMusic Award in 2005 for its highly sophisticated program andperformance.

Always featuring Japan's premiere pieces, the nmp's challenging programs have attracted an enthusiastic contemporary music audiencefrom all over Japan since the first concert. This enthusiasm is presumably dueto the nmp's primary ambition to revitalize the Japanese contemporary musicscene by having concerts in the Kansai area with players of Kansai origin in aTokyo-centered cultural situation.

The peculiar name of this ensemble isderived from John Cage's attachment to mushrooms (he claimed that the word music is next to mushroom in a dictionary!). As the next generation afterJohn Cage, the nmp will promote the music of its own generation.

TomokoFukui: Director, the next mushroom promotion

next mushroom promotion plays Toshio Hosokawa works
1.SINGINGGARDEN for 6 Players
2.ARC-SONG for Clarinet and Harp
3.MEMORY - In Memoryof Isang Yun - for Violin,
Violoncello and Piano
4."HAIKU" for PierreBoulez - to his 75th birthday - for Piano
5.FRAGMENTE III for WindQuintet
6.MUSIC for Flute?C Violin?C Viola and Violoncello
7.VERTICAL TIMESTUDY I for Clarinet?C Violoncello and Piano
8.DRAWING for 8 Players