next mushroom promotion


May: sponsored by Kyoto University of Art and Design, performance of Contemporary Opera "Matsukaze"(Kyoto)

nmp in Korea 2006
Daegu International Contemporary Music Festivalof Young Musicians Society
Dong-gu Culture & AthleticCenter

June 29
Yu Ju-hwan "Divertimento for Children no.3" forcl. pno.
Yi Man-ban "Trio for cl. vn. pno."
Kim Joong-hee "Color field"for 2vn. vla. 2cl. bsn.

June 30
CONCERT 1: next mushroompromotion

Lee Yun-seck "Variation fuer Geige" forvn.
spahlinger "adieu m'amour" for vn. vc.
TakashiTokunaga "Yoroi-no-Tsukekata" for fl. vc. perc.

Xenakis "rebonds" forperc.
Chung Tai-bong "Sorigil V-2" for cl. vn. pno.
ToshioHosokawa "Drawing" for fl. ob. cl. vn. vla. vc. perc. pno.

CONCERT 2:Joerg Birkenkoetter's works
"solo for Violoncello" for vc.
"in nomine"for fl. ob. cl. vn. vla. vc. perc. pno.
"Schwebende" for fl. cl. vn. vla. vc.perc. pno.

June: received
the 5th Suntory Music Award (Saji Keizo Prize)