next mushroom promotion


nextmushroom promotion vol.7
inviting mathias spahlinger
Sun., February 27, 2005 Goethe-Institut Kyoto
Lecture of spahlinger
passage / paysage

Mr. spahlingertells his view for music, especially about the orchestral work"passage/paysage".
mathias spahlinger / extension(1979/80) [vn, pf]

mathias spahlinger / vier stucke(1975) [vo, vn,vc, cl, pf]
Katsuji Maeda / The steps for the end of thedream(1995) [vn, pf]
mathias spahlinger / 128erfullte augenblicke(1976)<1>[vo, cl,vc]
mathias spahlinger / phonophobie(1972) [fl,ob, cl, bsn, hrn]
mathiasspahlinger / off(1993) [6 snaredrums]
mathias spahlinger / 128 erfullteaugenblicke(1976)<2>[vo, cl,vc]
Yasunoshin Morita / Schizo-Scherzo(1998/2004) [cl,vc]
mathias spahlinger / 128 erfullteaugenblicke(1976)<3>[vo, cl,vc]
mathias spahlinger / adieu m'amour(1982/83)[vn, vc]

We next mushroom promotion has produced the composer specialedition of Cage, Xenais, Lachenmann, and Globokar since 2002. The concert ofLachenmann held in Goethe-Institut Kyoto in December of 2003 with the composerLachenmann himself, became the big center of attention. This time, as the 2ndphase of the series which features a German composer in Goethe-Institut Kyoto,we invite Mr. mathias spahlinger from Germany, to this concert