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March: sponsored by Japan Society of Contemporary Music"Exhibition ofContemporaryMusic 2004"(Osaka, Tokyo)

nmp vol. 6 "VinkoGlobokar,Celebrating His 70th Birthday"

Since 2002, we next mushroom promotion has produced the concertsfocusing a composer. We challenge Vinko Globolar's works this time. He was bornto France in 1934, passed 13-21 years old to Slovenia, and began activity as ajazz player. He studied the trombone by Paris National Concervatoire, begancomposition activities simultaneously, and studied under Berio. He was also acooperator when Berio composed <<Sequenza>>. After that, he leddevelopment of the new effects of the trombone work in the 1970s, and worked inthe improvisation group "New Phonic Art." He became an existence indispensableto contemporary music as a trombonist. His trombone and the works for brassinstruments are pioneering, and excellent. The activities as his composer arevarious and are dealing with the work of all organization. His social group workreflecting the family line of Yugoslavia attracts attention from many people,and are highly estimated by his unique practice, such as "relationship inside anensemble", and "utterance and performance." The height of the concern is knownalso from 7-8 collection CDs of his works being released. Since 1974, he hasvisited Japan many times and has surprised everybody by the wonderfulperformances. This year, 70 years of his birth, he visited Japan again to attendthe Suntory Hall summer festival in August, for a their original work lecture,new work performance of orchestra, the private exhibition of chamber music, etc.Even if he turns 70 years old, his creative power does not decline. He is stillcontinuing developing the new effects which can be imitated to nobody. When weappeared on the concert of Japan Society for Contemporary Music, we realized theJapanese premiere of "Discours VIII" in Tokyo in March. The performance was verypopular from the audience. In this concert, each member also challenges theother solo pieces of Globokar with repeat performance of this work. Please enjoythese contents with which only extreme difficult, very individual music waslocated in a line.

ept. 21, 2004, 18:00 - Millennium Hall of Osaka College ofMusic

Program :
Monolith(1976) The piccolo & flute &bus flute which a player must blow almost all portions simultaneously withvoice
Res/As/Ex/Ins-pirer(1973) The horn which continues utteringsound and voice even if a player exhales and it inhales
Vorstellung(1976) a very skillful bassoon player & a very poor recorder player andothers
Voix Instrumentalisee(1973) The bass clarinet which themouthpiece was removed and became the free pipe

- - intermission --

Limites(1973) The violin which continues accelerating a tremolofortississimo from the beginning to the last
Discours VIII(1990) [fl,ob, cl, hrn, bsn]