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nmp vol.4 "Full Course, AllXenakis"

We "next mushroom promotion" produce the concert series featuring atheme composer intensively. In the 2nd concert on February 22, 2003, the worksof Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) are performed. This greek composer who was also anarchitect introduced mathematics and a computer into composition. Some peoplemisunderstand those are "difficult music" which makes full use of a complicatedtheory. However, a works is a policy for him to realize intense sound. Moreover,the performance with exceeding difficulty for players brings the audiencepowerful experience which is not obtained in others. His music is very peculiarand attractive music. It is regrettable that few opportunities to hear his worksin a concert still more in Japan (especially Kansai). Then, we planned the halfa day concert featuring his whole works. In part II, Mr. Aki Takahashi withexperience which recorded his all works for piano. She is also the person whowas intimate with the composer while in life. Moreover, Mr. Takashi Matsudaira,a baritone solo, does is a young singer who become the center of attention inthe contemporary music scene. Please enjoy in a concert the sound having full ofa vitality, an intense beat, and wonderful techniques matched bynone.

part 1 : his chamber works --"Attention! they are too hot!!"
First, the "Preiades", the work for six percussion instruments ispreformed. This 45-minutes great work is rarely performed, since the musicalinstrument "sixxen" of a microtone for only with this piece is used. Pleaseenjoy an intense sound and intense dynamism.
Preiades(1978) [6perc.]

Two small works which made full use of a peculiar singing methodand peculiar rendition, followed by the masterpiece written in his young days,for a piano and the brass which moves about.
Pour Maurice(1982/JapanPremiere)[Baritone, Pf]
Charisma(1971)[cl, vc]
Eonta(1963-64)[pf, 2tp, 2,tbn]

Part 2 : his works for piano andviolin
Helma(1960-61) [pf]
Evryali(1973) [pf]
Mikka "S"(1976)[vn]
Dikhthas(1979) [vn, pf]
Mists(1980) [pf]
A. r(Hommage a Ravel)(1987) [pf]

Part 3 : his great work, Japanpremiere
Please enjoy the grand work which finally used Aischylos's trilogyrepresenting a Greek tragedy as the text. While this music is a maximum scalework of Xenakis, it is the masterpiece which stuffed all the charm which hismusic has, and summarize the creation term for 27 years. Audience canparticipate at the last part of the piece. We will have a rehearsal for itbefore performance. Let's perform together with us!
Oresteia(1965-92/Japan Premiere)

vol.5 "The Portrait of HelmutLachenmann"

Since started in 2001, The contents of "next mushroom promotion" havecontinued developing. Especially "a half-day concerts" are appreciated by manypeople. This time, "Helmut Lachenmann" appears at the concert. Lachenmann is themost excessive composer in those of the 1970s who investigated the specialeffect of the instrument thoroughly. And in his creations, we can find that hehas not only developed effects, but searched for tough structure, andestablished a new mode of expression. Although the opera "girl of match sale",premiered in Japan in 2000, is difficult to perform, it is repeated in the mainconcerts of Europe after it. You know how this composer's work has greatestpower.
We invite Lachenmann and Sachiko Sugawara, the pianist. He built anew structure by the original thinking based on the deep discernment to thetradition of the German music, after searching for musical instrument effectsthoroughly. Please enjoy the keen structure beauty with a delicate sound in hiseach work.

Dec. 7, 2003, Goethe - Institut, Kyoto
Part 1 13:00 - Part 2 15:30- Part 3 19:00 -

n part I, we perform his solo works. You will listen to the work at thetime of his having just begun creation, works of the time when he was searchingfor specialeffects including the piano piece using the effects which rubs akeyboard. And the composer himself explains the genealogy of his creation untilit continues till today.

Pression(1969) [vc]
Dal niente(1970) [cl]
Wiegenmusik(1963) [pf]
Toccatina(1986) [vl]
Ein Kinderspiel(1980) [pf byHelmut Lachenmann]

Part 2 : Sachiko Sugawara Piano recital15:30-17:20

n part II, Yukiko Sugawara, the pianist who is the composer's partner,plays two great works. She who is his most familiar person tells him as acomposer.

Allegro Sostenuto(1986/88)[pf, cl,vc]

Part 3 : Chamber music Masterworks19:00-20:50
in part III, we chose the masterpieces of the chamber music representingeach time of his life as a composer. In this program, you will hear the essenceof the music of Lachenmann. The players who received instruction from thecomposer directly, perform his masterpieces.

temA(1968) {fl,voice, vc]
Salut fur Caudwell(1977) [2 gt]
Mouvement(-vorder Erstarrung) (1982/84)