next mushroom promotion


nmp vol.2 "Eat Up JohnCage"

We produces the first event of "a concert which describes a one composerthoroughly".
Then we thought that the John Cage -- this year 2002 is tenyears after his death, and 90 years anniversary of his birth -- is suitable asthe first event. This concert will also be the the first of the concertsfeaturing Cage, which will be held in various places in this year.
Inaddition, we will say that the name of us, "next mushroom promotion", namedafter Cage's favorite food. The reason why he was a maniac of the mushroom, wasthat "mushroom and music are next in a dictionary." That is, the next of"mushroom" is "music." Now, we thought that we would "promote" the new music asthe "next" generation of Cage, and formed "next mushroom promotion". In thishalf-a-day long concert, which has the three part, we will recollect the wholelife of Cage, followed by a party with mushroom dishes. Moreover, Ms. AkiTakahashi, the famous pianist and collaborated with Cage for long time, willjoin us as a special guest player.

anuary.13, 2002 at Tontreff Hiko, Osaka
[Time Table]
Part 1 : lecture concert "Process for the chanceoperation"
3:30 p.m.
Part 2 : workshop concert "graphic notation /uncertainty / improvisatorial"
5:30 p.m.
Part 3 : concert "listento the pieces in his last days"
7:00 p.m.Party with mushroomdishes

Part 1 : lecture concert "Process forthe chance operation"

lecture which begins from his expressions ("25 sound technique", "percussioninstrument music", and "square root rhythm" "prepared piano" etc.) in the earlystages, flowed by the "chance operation" represented by <<4'33">>,with the performance by the pianist, Aki Takahashi.

Composition for 3Voices(1934) (fl, cl,,bsn)
Music for Wind Instruments(1938)
[]fl,cl,bsn - [2nd mov.]ob,hrn - [3rdmov]Quintet
Living Room Music(1940) perc&vo
We arranged PC and Game "Play Station" to make an atomosphere of aliving room.
Guide for preparation by Aki Takahashi
A ValentineOut of Season(1944) pno
Suite for Toy Piano(1948) toypno
A Flower(1950) vo, closed pno
4'33"(1952) pno,ensemble, cond.
We played it as three movements with variousinstrumentation.
Music for Piano No.21(1955) pno
Musicfor Piano No.16(1953) pno
In fact, finally there is onlyonly one mute sound.
Water Music(1952) pno, radio, playingcards, various whistles, pots, bolts etc

Part 2 : workshop concert "graphicnotation / uncertainty /improvisatorial"
We feel the experimental measure in the middle of Cage. In the<<concert>> which is the compilation of his graphic notation, welisten to a performance after Mr. Aki Takahashi's lecture. In<<VariationsII>>, we create and decode a score combining points andlines, and then it is performs by all the particpants. And you participate alsoin the performance of <<Branches>> using a plant.

-- Lectureabout "Solo for Piano" by Aki Takahashi --
Concert for Piano and ChamberEnsemble(1957-58) pno, fl, cl, vn, vla, cond.
-- Lecture and realizationof "Variations II" --
Variations II(1961)
-- Lecture about"Branches" and chance operations by "Book of Changes"
Branches(1976)perc and all participants

Part 3 : concert "listen to the piecesin his last days"
We listen to the masterpieces of his later years. <<Ryoan-ji>>,famous piece is played as the simultaneous performance of the flute version andthe oboe version. 2 pieces from "Number piece", which is named after the numberof instrumentation, will be performed as chance operations by computer.
<<Five>> is performed by two versions in the same piece. And thegreat work <<Seven>> is performed as the last of a half-a-dayconcert.

Five (version A)(1988) vo, perc, vn, vla,vc
Freeman Etude XV(1980) & XVIII (1980-1989)vn
Ryoanji(1983-85) ob, perc
Eight Whiskus(1985)vn
Five (version B)(1988) fl, ob, cl, bsn, hrn

nmp vol.3 "Contemporary Music, TheUltimate Recipe"

We have so far produced the unique concerts featuring the pieces whichcannot be easily heard in Kansai area. Also in this concert, we prepared theunique program which illuminates various sides of contemporary music. Most ofpieces are those has few opportunities of being performed in Kansai, and thoseof Japanese premiere. This concert can be called a precious chance even if ininternational music scene. We believe that Osaka can be a central city ofcontemporary music in the world.

June 26, 18:00 - Millennium Hall of Osaka College ofMusic

Program :
Nicolaus A. Huber(1939-)ClashMusic(1988)2 cymbals
R. Murray Schafer(1933-)Miniwanka(1971)choir
Mieko Shiomi(1938-)Falling Event(1963)all performers of theconcert today
the author unknown Organic Music(1962)fl, ob, horn, bsn, and audience
Magnus Lindberg(1958-)Ablauf(1983/88)cl (bcl), bass drum
MiekoShiomi(1938-)Wind Music(1963)staffs
JoKondo(1947-)An Elder's Hocket(1985)fl, cl, marimba,pf
Claude Vivier(1948-83)Samarkando(1981/JapanPremiere)fl, ob, cl, hrn, bsn, pf, cond
AlisonKnowles(1933-)Piece for any number of vocalists(1962)all performers of theconcert today
Gerard Grisey(1946-98)Tempus ex machina(1979/Japan Premiere)6percussions, cond.