next mushroom promotion


nmp vol.1

"The New World,Commencement of Contemporary Music"

We produced the first concert of next mushroom promotion in Osaka whosecontemporary music still is not common. Probably, more famous composers' workswere performed if we held the concert in Tokyo. However, we arranged the worksseldom taken up in Tokyo in this concert. And we proud that the best pieces wereselected for the ensemble. It is exceptional as this kind in the Kansai area ofa concert that many music-lovers visited this concert. And We got goodevaluation from many people.

July 11, 2001 Osaka

G. Ligeti(1923-2006) Piano EtudeBook 2, No. 8: Fem (Metal)(1989)
I. xenakis (1922-2001) Rebonds(1987-89)
H. Holiger (1939- ) PSALM (1971/Osaka Premiere)
R. Campo (1968-) Cinq sonates a cinq (2000/Japan Premiere)
G. Ligeti(1923-2006) : PianoEtude Book 1, No. 1: Desodre(1985)
H.-J. Hespos (1938- ) chorna (1980/JapanPremiere)
F.Donatoni (1927-2000) Ave (1987/Japan Premiere)
Toru Takemitsu(1930-96) Waves (1977)
S. Reich (1936- ) Clapping Music(1971)

Direction : Tomoko Fukui